What is Identity Theft?

The crime of identity theft occurs whenever a person fraudulently utilizes another individual’s personal information for their own benefit. A single stolen identity can be used repeatedly to:

  • Open new credit accounts
  • Hijack existing benefit and healthcare accounts
  • Empty bank accounts
  • Apply for jobs and tax benefits
  • Use as an alias when committing other crimes

In fact, many of the activities you do every day can put you at risk for identity theft:

  • Online shopping - Although most sites are safe, there is always the chance for a data breach.
  • Visiting a doctor’s office - Documents with names, social security numbers and addresses should be safely stored. But what if they aren’t?
  • Using a mobile device - Using a wireless connection, especially in a public location, can increase the risk of personal information being hacked by identity thieves.
  • Mailing a letter - Thousands of people receive and discard pre-approved credit card offers every day. Thieves without regard to your privacy dig through trash to obtain this personal information and open fraudulent accounts.

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